The Rock & Worship Roadshow 2016

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The Client: The Roadshow (fka The Rock & Worship Roadshow) is Christian music's most entertaining tour for the whole family.

The Goals: The tour's producers aimed to sell VIP tickets, increase attendance overall, education new markets the tour was visiting for the first time, grow the tour's social media audience and email list, and communicate the tour's distinctive values like "family", "worship" and "fun". 

Our work: We were hired by Louder Agency - a Nashville-based digital marketing agency - to lead all social media marketing. We began by analyzing data from the tour's previous digital marketing efforts, made tweaks to strategy, and went to work.

Before the tour began, We took the existing branding guidelines (website, poster, fonts, color scheme) and created hundreds of brand-compliant posts for the tour's social media channels. Louder Media developed a beautiful, effective website with our social media needs in mind.

Leading up to the tour, we consistently focused on "family", "worship", and "fun" with the kinds of posts we knew fans were likely to share. And we built anticipation by recounting great memories from years past in a series of posts called "Roadshow Rewind."

During the tour, in response to fan questions online, we created a series of posts called "Roadshow Backstage" aimed at satisfying fan curiosities about life on the road.

Selling VIP tickets was a top priority. To do this, without a call to action in every post, we showed how great the VIP experience was: sharing fan pics from the VIP meet & greets, and posting photos of fans in the very best seats getting really really close to the artists they love.

As always, we made sure our social media was truly social. We monitored every conversation around the Roadshow and its artists and joined in. And we shared dozens of our favorite fan photos throughout the tour as well.

After the tour, we provided Louder Media with a detailed report on The Roadshow's audience and our accomplishments on social media. Every metric showed enormous growth - from audience size and fan engagement to email subscribers. We exceeded even our own expectations!

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