Summer Lights 2017

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The Client: We were honored to help launch the Summer Lights tour in 2017.

The Goals: We designed a social media strategy aimed at educating the public about this new brand, selling VIP tickets, and creating fan loyalty for years to come.

Our Work: We created the ideal online "voice" to connect with the target demographic, along with messaging that focused on what makes Summer Lights different from ordinary Summer music festivals: 1)evening concerts outdoors, 2)produced for an adult audience, 3)perfect for a date night or ladies night out, 4)the opportunity for VIPs to meet the artists.

Before the tour began, we took the existing branding guidelines (poster, fonts, color scheme, tag line) and expanded them to better reach the ideal fan. We created tour accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and began posting on its behalf. We redesigned the tour's website and built over 300 social media assets to help fans and artists spread the word online. We also took the lead on all social media coordination with artist managers and created assets for the tour's paid advertising campaigns.

During the tour, we posted daily from the road on behalf of the tour. We also provided artists with tour-branded concert photography nightly along with recap videos to share on their own social media channels. And, most importantly, we monitored the conversation happening around the tour and its artists and seized every opportunity to join in.

After the tour, we provided the tour's producers with a data-rich report about their social media channels, fan demographics, and other insights they can use to better market their event and serve their fans in the future.